Unit list

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Unit list

Post by Wispa » Apr 22nd, '18, 04:42

Would it be possible for the list of units available for a call to be sorted better, PD and fire command units separated and also even battalaion and deputy districts separated.

It would also be better if HazMat, squad and rescues could be separated.


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Re: Unit list

Post by Kaliahsdaddy » Apr 22nd, '18, 13:59

I agree 100%. Especially with the addition of the quint to the SPE category. It was already too overloaded with units.

So please separate the CDT category into FD-CDT and PD-CDT.

For the SPE category please make 4 new ones
ENG-LAD for the Quint
ENG-SQU for the Squad Engine
That way all the ones that can be used as an Engine are next to each other.
RES for the Rescue Unit
HAZ for the Hazmat/Hazmat Auxilary

Thank you. I look forward to the proposed missions being added as well