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Idea for a new update

Posted: Jun 19th, '18, 17:28
by Connorburn1
I have have a great idea for an update that i would like to see in the game where you can see your vehicles and hear them respond to different calls also you can change the siren system if you want and the same be a in game voice chat and if you are in ailliance you can hear and see other vehicles what is nice also I that new vehicles should be add such as rapid response cars and air ambulance vehicles such as bikes and cars the organ transport calls we should have a blood bike or car or call it organ bike car for the ems and prison transport vans and for fire there such be and mass casualty bus also for the police service there sure be roit teams and vehicles such as a water cannon when needed and calls also if you are near a beach you should have lifeguard with vehicles and calls and look at London they have the British transport police then the met police then the city of London police the like of the nca National crime agency should be add also could you please map out BELFAST the one in the uk and the south of Ireland because there is some people who live different places and can’t play near there home city or town also one more thing I think that there should be boat for fire service and police service and other agents and different other with calls