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New calls

Posted: Jul 7th, '18, 18:46
by Sal.matt
Make certain calls in New York different or just add them in general
-Automatic Alarm In a Private dwelling, Commercial Building, Storage facility, etc
-Fire In a private dwelling, commercial building, structure fire
-MVA~Motor Vehicle Accident,Over turned vehicle, Car into a home/house
-Gas explosion in a Private Dwelling/house/home(Would require a large response like about 4 or 6 Engines Companies.

Got more but not sure if this would be implanted into the game so if you would like more please let me know.

Re: New calls

Posted: Jul 8th, '18, 02:53
by Tom42
It's impossible to assigned call for 1 city if you like create new call, you must detail the necessary means to do the call, like this;