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Post by Proton » Sep 1st, '17, 13:02

Last Updated: 10/02/2017

I feel its time to make a new note with extensions and what vehicles they unlock.

Not all extensions are working yet, and the developer has told me that he is still working on the others. Here’s a list of the ones I currently have, and know work. I will update as I find out more.


Commandment- Unlocks Chief Vehicles and a Command Van. Be sure to purchase a chief vehicle first as command van is not always used, but chief will be.

Workshop- Makes it possible to transfer vehicles between stations. For example: Chief
vehicles can only be purchased at your central station. With Workshop, you can send a chief vehicle to a different station, making it easier to create battalions if you are trying to recreate a big city department.

Hazmat- Unlocks hazmat vehicles. Both Hazmat vehicles have the same function. So they both can work for any call needing hazmat.

RAC fire vehicle- Unknown how it is unlocked as it just showed up in my list after an update. Unknown what is is used for at this time.

Rescue- Unlocks rescue unit. It is now used on some calls

Squad- Unlocks squad vehicle, it is now used on some calls

High Rise- Unlocks Tanker as of right now. Developer has mentioned it may be moved.

Tech. Support Unit- Unlocks Tiller right now. Developer mentioned it will be moved to high rise.

EMS- Unlocks EMS unit that can act the same as an EMS unit from the EMS service.


Commandment- Unlocks supervisor. It is not required to have, but sometimes after purchase it is used on large scale incidents (Active Shooter, Gun-Fire, Officer Down).

DEA- Unlocks DEA car. It is now used on some drug related calls. Also unlocks K9 car, which is used on multiple calls and can be used as a regular patrol as well.

FBI- Unlocks FBI car. I have used the FBI car on a hacker call so far.

US Marshals Service- Unlocks Marshal car. I have used the Marshal call on an escaped prisoner, and prisoner transport call.

Bureau of firearms- unlocks ATF vehicle. ATF calls are currently in the works.

Copter station: Unlocks helicopter, acts like a patrol. Can move faster than vehicles, and flies directly to the call.

Sheriff- acts like a normal patrol. Unknown what unlocks it since the last update, possibly a level, or part of an extension.

Unknown what unlocks K9 unit. It is used on some calls but not required to unlock any new ones. Good thing about the K9 unit, it can be used as a normal patrol as well.


Commandment: Unlocks EMS supervisor and captain vehicles. Goes on some major EMS calls

Workshop- Allows transfer of vehicles between stations.

Copter station: acts like a normal EMS vehicle, flies directly to the call.

If there are any that I am missing, and you have found that work. Don’t hesitate to comment.

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Re: Extensions

Post by acffemt379 » Sep 1st, '17, 14:07

I had to unlock DEA on one device to get k9. On other device I had it previously.

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Re: Extensions

Post by Nathanhalefd » Sep 5th, '17, 22:17

How do you upgrade your central station?

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Re: Extensions

Post by Losiniecki » Sep 6th, '17, 03:05

Nathanhalefd wrote:How do you upgrade your central station?

Go to your central station and press upgrade.

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Re: Extensions

Post by Hesterj86 » Sep 13th, '17, 15:04

Is the us customs and boarder protection not working right now?

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Re: Extensions

Post by Proton » Sep 15th, '17, 12:17

No, it's not active yet, soon!