Can't Log Into Game

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Can't Log Into Game

Post by ScanMan » Jul 29th, '23, 00:36


I've been playing Dial 911 for a good few months now. So far, I have several police and fire stations, and even built my Central Medic Station last night.

Last night there was some alleged server maintenance. It's kicked me back to the Login screen and I CANNOT remember the password. I think I got my username (nickname) correct. I click Reset and it NEVER sends me an email (I have a few it could have been can't remember that either).

Please help. The last thing I want now is to start from square one.

Also, how can I change my username in the game ?

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Re: Can't Log Into Game

Post by sheltat » Aug 12th, '23, 15:19

Try sending to each email and see which one you used, then try to reset.

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