Chat disabled

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Chat disabled

Post by Brickbuster9 » Jan 31st, '18, 22:13

I just logged in today to find out my chat has been disabled until further notice, does that mean that I have been banned? It won’t let me chat on another account either

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Re: Chat disabled

Post by BEN4824 » Jan 31st, '18, 22:15

Same thing for me

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Re: Chat disabled

Post by DEATHmedic365 » Feb 1st, '18, 01:55

No global and help chat have been disabled. Alliance chat still works. They had a few trouble makers in chat and trying to figure out how to deal with those type of problems. This is my understanding.

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Re: Chat disabled

Post by gorilla » Feb 1st, '18, 04:39

Chat is disabled for everyone, currently no information on if or when it will go back on.

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