Improving the game

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Improving the game

Post by gorilla » Oct 24th, '19, 17:00

Guys as some will know I've come back to the game after a bit of an absence, I thought I would have seen a lot more development with the units, missions and features of the game.

I've seen a few changes but being honest it is disappointing that it's only 3 new units and a handful of calls.

The game still has great potential, and could really work well. If we seen more improvements.

Personally would love the alliance treasury to be used for something like having a loan facility for members or even have a alliance fleet of vehicles we can hire.

Then new units it would be good to add in a water rescue for fire Department along with aircraft unit that could be used on forest fires ect.

Then there is ems, it would be good to add in hazard teams for this, also specialist teams for paediatric calls. We could also have dedicated organntransport and blood transport units.

The police department would benefit from detective units, mobile police station, prisoner transport and even add in other Federal units like NCIS or have military police units.

Now I appreciate that English isn't the developers first language but I'm sure if the other players like myself would help

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Re: Improving the game

Post by NY_13 » Oct 26th, '19, 01:14

Some of this has been added since this post, like the mobile command PD units. I agree with detective units being used for investigations too, like for the DOA calls. This also allows for other calls like sexual assaults, homicides, suicides, to be included in the call Rolodex. I think the original develops were working on a way to add maritime units but, wildland units like planes and helicopters in the FD section would be amazing. I also like the idea for specialized EMS units.

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Re: Improving the game

Post by gorilla » Nov 12th, '19, 08:43

I have done some research into a few of my suggestions for the game.

On the EMS side there are several specialised paediatric and neonatal transport services. Throughout America, they specialise in getting critically Ill babies and children to specialist hospitals while ensuring they are transported safely. Essentially they would have 2 or 3 units we could add a specialised EMS ambulance as the ambulances used in real life are essentially mobile incubators for neonatal and specialised mobile intensive care units The typical would have 4 staff per unit in real life it's 2 paramedics, 1 specialist nurse and 1 specialist dr. You could have either one ambulance set for neonatal and one for paediatric patients but could easily make it 1 unit to cover both. Some of these teams also have a helicopter to cover both neonatal and pediatric patients.

Say we stick to adding 2 units they would only be available via EMS Service and not Fire. They could be set as this

EMS Peadiatric Ambulance

EMS-PEAD, 4 staff icon standard EMS truck but change colour cost would be 60k as it's more specialised equipment than standard EMS.

EMS Peadiatric Chopper

EMS-PEAD, 4 staff, chopper icon but change colour, cost would be 150k to 200k

Both would be defined as EMS-PEAD as can be used on each type of call but as with some calls just now you could specify it's a chopper call.

Now in theory we could add a whole new EMS Station that specialises in Neonatal and Peadiatric care and make it so you can only by these units in this station.

Now as to the argument banded about oh you don't get them by calling 911 well you don't get organ transport or that using 911 either.

If we were to have this unit added here are some calls for it

Peadiateic Medical Transfer


Paediatric Trauma Transfer


You could also add the paediatric units into other calls like hospital evacuation and school calls.

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