Differences in trucks

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Differences in trucks

Post by Anonymous inc. » Mar 25th, '18, 09:22

What’s the difference between hazmat auxiliary and hazmat? And how many staff do they need each?

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Re: Differences in trucks

Post by Kaliahsdaddy » Mar 25th, '18, 10:08

Hazmat and Hazmat auxiliary both do the same thing. Hazmat auxiliary takes 2 staff and hazmat takes 4 staff.

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Re: Differences in trucks

Post by Losiniecki » Mar 25th, '18, 12:07

Mainly just for preference. My town I live in has a Hazmat Truck, but then also has an auxiliary following to provide additional equipment and man power.

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Re: Differences in trucks

Post by AsstChiefJames » Sep 22nd, '18, 21:03

How about some kind of Homeland / WMD. That would supplement Haz Mat, decon. Maybe an Emergency Management Director type similar to a rescue Captain or Battalion Chief.

Also I know we have Hospital evacuations how about a MERV ( mobile emergency room vehicle) an EMS bus that carries 6-10 patients. With staff of 6. $250,000 to $300,000
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